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It is always good to be back on WordPress as nowhere else feels like here. I have been busy on official assignment in my country and back now to my original blog-family. It feel more like home here where one can bare it all without the fear of sentimentalists.Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 11.07.00 AM

There’s a creed I hold true to my essence which I can barely describe and seldom mention, but in which I delight, and to which I cling, for it extends hope to all; it makes eternity a rest- a mighty home-not a terror and an abyss. With this creed, I can so clearly distinguish between the criminal and his crime, I can so sincerely forgive the first while I abhor the last; with this creed, revenge never worries my heart, degeneration never too deeply disgusts me, injustice never crushes me too low; I live in calm, looking to the end.

Thanks for being here, thanks for the referrals and thanks for the trust. Back now and never to leave again.

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Choice Is The Magic Word

“Our firms, government as well as individuals, seek dominion across spectrum. Those in the business sector want to dominate the market, dictate pricing and profit perpetually from the market. Little wonder the aim of most is usurping political power enough to own everything that works across sectors. It explains why politicians own/fund media outfits, since the very first leg to ruling the market is to control group minds, beliefs and ideas of the masses.” —Segun Awosanya

C’mere Hand Hook by Areaware

Don’t Give Up!

Your s at is a medal that no one can take away from you. A reminder of how strong you are, what you have survived and how far you have come. It is nothing compared to a tattoo, it has history and can’t be erased. #YouAreEnough ⛱

Parenting In Today’s Complex Society And The Widening Gap In Youth Engagement. #ResponsibleParenting

The adolescents of today may find themselves waiting longer before marrying. This is not as a result of any direct fault of theirs but the complexity of our society of now. Parents and guardians must do better than pressure them on conventional beliefs. Your marrying at their age need not dictate that they should marry at same age under a totally different clime and human condition.

If you are reading this and you are pressured, kindly take a deep breath and relax. There is no point spending more time trying to be more physically attractive in order to impress anyone (crush or not) rather than making yourself mentally attractive.

Social media may have become a showglass for exhibiting body parts and vanities but do not let this distract you. Educate yourself, address your recurring toxic thoughts, deal with your insecurities and learn to be happy on your own. This is far more attractive than you know.

There are many broken adults out there that might have been saved if anyone had shared these thoughts with them in their formative years. Normalize saying “NO” without needing to over explain yourself. It is a complete sentence. If anyone is offended by your boundaries, that’s their problem not yours. The best weight you’ll ever shed is the weight of other people’s opinion of you. Avoid seeking external validation and approve yourself.

Other people’s definition of “fun” need not be yours. Fun is not defined by drinking, partying, casually taking drugs and getting high and socializing. Fun can be a night alone, getting lost in a book, a deep conversation with proven leaders/mentors, a walk, creative art, listening to music that inspires or practicing something you love and would want to be notable for. Fun speaks to your uniqueness and it remains intrinsically yours to define.

I address this often because of the growing number of our youth seeking guardiance under extreme pressure to blow or become the next sensation. You are enough. Age 15–35 is a golden era of your life. It’s okay to make friends and lose them. Make mistakes, correct them and learn from same. There is no point going through what others have being through when we can learn from their experience. There is a gulf of difference between enjoying life and ruining one’s future. Build credible relationships.

I have consistently told the few who care to listen the hacks of telling a recalcitrant society the truth. You will no doubt become the enemy of society if you lack tact and or the art of presenting your science. As an advocate cum Archer of the Truth aiming for the heart, one must at least dip the tip of one’s arrow in honey before setting it free. In fixing society’s most gruesome woes, we must begin with the family institution which is most critical.

This informed Social Intervention Advocacy Foundation’s (SIAF) #ResponsibleParenting advocacy riddled in anecdotes. There’s no doubt that navigating the rollercoaster ride of parenting is both exhilarating & heartbreaking, a challenge that requires philosophy and inner peace to explore in a society that focuses on the monitoring of external physical development as against tracking the steps on the long path to psychological maturity. Those who say parenting is the most beautiful experience of our lives may have economized the truth in form or another, for the pressure is enormous.

Parenting is a village occupied by depression, towering and continuous obligation, and the most tasking roles any human can ever undertake. Its streets are paved with unbearable guilt. and shame hidden under the dimly lit alleys of vulnerabilities and insecurities. As often maintained, nothing is absolute as life itself is nuanced. Growth can only be assured and processed when we admit our shortcomings. “Parenting can be both our greatest joy, but also our deepest sorrow.” With a new generation comes greater responsibility.

Christy Essien Igbokwe once sang about our society’s penchant for blaming the actions of badly behaved children on their upbringing. This perspective from ancient philosophy in its core benefits society by laying incredible pressure on parents, thus making parenting onerous. Modern day parents are learning that the natural consequence of overextended responsibility is guilt. This is what makes most parents paranoid and always insecure as haunted by the insane idea that it is wholly in their power to make their children happy.

In the course to make the impossible possible by spawning and raising a consistently and perpetually happy kids, we alter the trajectory of their life and purpose and live in regrets eventually. You know how some parents over indulge and end up losing their influence on their kids? Before our current exposure, I believe it was easier when our parents can easily adopt the orthodox approach of beating black and blue for course correction or hard reset as often termed, but today that’s Child abuse punishable under the Child Rights Act 2003.

Nigeria adopted the Child Rights Act to domesticate the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Children’s Rights Act of 2003 expands the human rights bestowed to citizens in Nigeria’s 1999 constitution to children. Whether you take this seriously or not, it is the future.

The solution to the myriads of issues plaguing our society lies in the core of the family institution and the principles of parenting adopted in our society. Birthing kids with Ivy League education and silver spoons up their behinds without manners, decorum or social skills deficient in all ramifications as per the regard to authority and in some cases totally out of control for the parents to even engage, counsel or advise against the destructive trajectory they have imbibed as indoctrinated during their foreign sojourn while schooling.

It takes understanding and empathic response to diagnose this problem and bridge the gap. Children will forever be irritating. but can we blame them if we fail to train them? Scan we task ourselves to meet intransigence with logic & compassion? Are we ready to unlearn to relearn? We call it Parenting at the family level but Governance in the real sense.

I count my upbringing a blessing however traumatic for “If a child was raised in an environment with no flaws or hardships, they would have quite a rude awakening when they emerge into the real world.” Nigerians emerge the best in all that they do globally having proven the strange doctrine that posits “Good enough is better than perfect” —a child will live the rest of their life in a very imperfect world, so living by the highest imaginable ideals is utopian & leads to frustration.

The picture of a perfect parent ingrained in our subconscious is that of a friend of the kids that manufactures happiness. This is forlorn, unrealistic and dysfunctional. I have lost count of how ,any times I’ve had to remind my son I am not his friend. Same way Govt is not ours. Paternalistic approach to Governance brings ruin (see Marxism) just like “growing up with “perfect parents’ would create immense pressure on a child that none could live up to.”

I allow my children see my vulnerabilities. I’m no god & same is extended to my followers. My Children are learning from my mistakes just as must as my followers are. I let them make up their own minds by showing them all sides while bridging gaps in our nuanced Society. I can always be Questioned. There’re no retributions to the expression of bad feelings.

I’m always preparing my kids as well as followers for such a time when I will no longer be needed and a time all that they have learnt would be put to the test. There’s no grief for me in seeing the independence of those I’ve mentored/raised. We must see from their perspective. The prayer of every parent is the fulfillment of their children. It begins with nurturing their emotions. The Bible admonishes that we should train our kids in other to secure our rest. Train your children in the way of the Lord and when they grow up they won’t depart from it.

A child who has felt required to deny their vulnerabilities will struggle to acknowledge the complex reality of others. We all have a great deal of work to do as parents and aspiring parents. We all must take responsibility and fix our society beginning with our household.

…End of Celestial Observation…

Reference : The Joy and Sorrows of Parenting, The school of Life — Alain de Botton

YouAreEnough ⛱

What’s your Legacy?

2018 Gani Fawehinmi Impact & Integrity Award Recipient

No one sleeps and wake up to prominence. Our passion, talent, resilience and tenacity have a great role to play in becoming. Life in itself is a journey and there is no arrival unless you die in the process. We all have something unique to give to society. We must continue to take advantage of our community, collaboration and commitment to service to raise more transformational leaders and active citizens who are easy to govern, difficult to rule and impossible to enslave. This is how we can leave a better legacy for all our children and generations to come.


Ovation Magazine Special Interveiw of Segun SEGA Awosanya with Bashorun Dele Momodu (One time Presidential Candidate)

I spent many years digging deep into my being in the cause to identify my purpose and early enough before I became a teenager, it became lucidly clear. I gave up all that could weigh me down for flight to be possible and soon, thoughts become things.

Many wait for the storm to pass but those who understand the rhythm of purpose learn how to dance in the rain. This is my story and I’m glad a magazine I grew up reading is now featuring my story through Life, Leadership and Legacy.

What Exactly is your Hourly Worth? – @segalink

I love writing like I do other things that help me pull myself out of a dark place mentally. It takes a great deal of practice to replicate this on the daily. For me there is no other way to channel my attention towards something that will brighten up the day of another, than writing, confronting seemingly insurmountable issues and conquering in faith and resilience, playing musical instruments or simply curating a playlist from my huge and growing repository.

The process of solitude is what most can’t stand because human beings seem to do all they can to avoid facing their own self. Nothing beats conquering yourself first, which opens you up to an epiphany beyond your wildest dreams. Following the crowd is the easiest way to disrespect your higher self, as you widen the gap between the ego and the God self and eventually you lose your true self.

The crowd however may kick and call you unprintable names for being different and consistent, but note that you stop hearing those tantrums once your spiritual consciousness is beyond the realm of the flesh and ego. People hauling mud at you are only revealing how dark their souls are.

Anytime you feel you don’t fit in, it’s a sign that you are called to do something different and enabled for such a time as this. You are about to define a new category and you shouldn’t feel alone but learn to embrace your higher self. The world will soon come around when you finally manifest and understand the power within you in purpose.

A time will come when people will be willing to pay, just for you to be yourself around them and their products/services. So all the discipline and solitude will pay off in the end not just with monetary gains, but fulfillment as well when millions find themselves all because of your leadership example as a role model.

How Not To Celebrate Independence Under A Pseudo Democracy.

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 8.16.45 AMIt is necessary at this point to reduce a few thoughts into writing over the growing intolerance of those we stampeded to power as ‘leaders’ over us. No sociopolitical architect that is worth his or her onions will describe Nigeria as a democratic republic based on the current trajectory.

The people are besieged on every side with career criminals occupying critical offices to perpetuate the agenda of a few. Personality as they say drives behavior and behavior drives decision making. This alone is the summary of the story of our current theatre of lucid absurdity.

The rabid attempt by demagogues lurking in balkanized institutions, especially national security outfits, is worrisome to say the least, as they have attempted severally to abort us from the womb of our imperfect democracy in the past years with their unconscionable and unprofessional conducts towards a political agenda against the unity of Nigeria as a sovereign nation.

Their effort to criminalize protests against Sections 30 and 40 of the 1999 constitution as amended, which recognize our fundamental rights to assemble with others towards the expression of our approval or otherwise of Government and their policies as at when due, is criminally obvious.

The disruption of peaceful protests across a NIGERIA by armed police deploying excessive force, doesn’t show we are dealing with authorities that recognize the critical role of security institutions at this point in our democracy.

Acute corruption is revealed when security institutions become partisan appendages to political parties as currently balkanized, thus, executing the scripts that see genuine call for accountability and transparency as the machinations of opposition seeking to topple their administration even without any shred of evidence of militarization. This identity politics of hate (populism) has gone too far.

Many active citizens are being harassed and threatened, while some are held under detention for daring to speak. Dadiyata went missing having being a strong critic of the Governor of Kaduna, Steven Kefason has been remanded in Prison over a Facebook post, Federal High court after refusing to grant the challenge of Omoyele Sowore on his detention by DSS finally gave in to pressure. Whether DSS will obey court orders is too early to call as bail conditions were met on this day the 25th of September, 2019. Jalingo et al are also in prison over same political persecution by people who have made themselves tyrants over the people they ought to serve.

We have suddenly become a country that persecute critics with frivolous charges and even attempt to pin treasonable felony on citizens simply because the demagogues drowning in the pool of idolatry can’t stand the criticism of their man made gods, occupying political offices, as a display of loyalty.

It even gets worse to realize that for the right price security operatives can arrange extradition order for anyone abroad baselessly or over trivial matters as simple as domestic disputes. No doubt the criminal justice system is rotten, expired and dysfunctional but the path to formidable change remains the collective resolve of all and sundry to demand accountability and transparency in order to build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.

We at the Social Intervention Advocacy Foundation (SIAF) will continue to lend our voice and stand by all citizens regardless of their creed, clan, clout, or craze, in collaboration with other civil society organizations. The agenda is to raise a critical mass of transformational youthful leaders and enlightened followers, who are easy to govern, difficult to rule and impossible to enslave to deliver the future of Nigeria.

It will take the inputs of all of us, for all our children’s sakes. The current trajectory is not sustainable and the repercussion of the current dangerous precedents is ominous. We must keep demanding for the unconditional release of all political prisoners under this administration. It is our duty as active citizens for the sake of our children.

Don’t be Silent and Don’t be Violent.

Rise As One.

Political Radicalism or Quandary? 🤔

Citizens must be wise at this point. This is the watershed moment I warned about many moons back. Don’t allow any one sell you any agenda caramelized in hate and prejudices. We are not fighting any ethnic or civil war. We are Nigerians, waking up from a deep slumber.

Hate the Herders (Fulani and the likes) all you want for their morbid sense of entitlement but note clearly that we are mostly projecting what we hate in ourselves. Sense of entitlement, the lack of apprehension and the inability to visualize the future, is an ailment that plagues us all in varying depths.

I’m sure by now people are beginning to absolve themselves saying they can not imagine themselves killing someone because of a Cow or Cattle. But let me provide the perspective since this is what is usually lacking.

The rhetorical question “Do you know who I am?” has created many undue advantages. It has absolved quite a number from punishment for a visible crime many may have gone to jail or paid a fine for. Our sense of entitlement if probed further may be our long lost identity of “Nigerianness.” This is why all the sectors of our economy including our government is being run based on who is connected to what and who knows who.

It is all about the network. So who you know or who you are connected to inadvertently becomes your potential net-worth, security and source of value (self worth) as a citizen. It also determines your access presumably to the social-construct often referred to as the dividend of democracy.

When the current administration successfully ditched their propaganda vehicle to power (APC) as engineered by the capitalistic politicians of the SW, their ideology was replaced by identity politics, which runs a totalitarian agenda that presumes that group identity is paramount to any other.

This construct is woven tactically in the politics of ethnic extraction and radical religious beliefs. It works because it operates in layers of inner core and outer core. Those outside the core have no direct benefit but the feel good effect that they are in charge by affiliation and can do the hell they want (a belief further strengthened by each box of religion, ethnic extraction or political alliance checked).

So understand the opium of the Herders (Fulani/Hausas alike) compounded by the lack of exposure to civilization and eduction. Crown that with the possession of Avtomat Kalashnikov (1947) AK 47 (Soviet assault rifle).

With the identity politics running, and the unfortunate posture of the administration tilted towards provincially skewed appointment of Northerners, mostly from the Fulani extraction defended as being loyalists and trusted allies of the President, nothing clearly communicates conquest to the unenlightened in Nigeria, like this structure of leadership.

With Regime security prioritized over National Security, most uninformed and even the educated ones affiliated by tribe or mere political alliance bask in that sense of entitlement and superiority. Take for instance the fortuitous appointment of Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu both of whom were astute in their own right prior the “strain” and see how they quickly transmogrified and became pitiable duo of bumbling turds, drifting in a state of mind consisting of pure sensation or emotion, induced by serotonin imbalance without an iota of cognitive content.

This can be inferred from their unconscionable epicaricacy when avoidable disaster hits. They will rather release a provocative article in praise of their idol from whom their job-security depends, while absolving the administration of responsibility cum negligence or keep mum on the issue completely, making the administration the most depressing administration any democracy can be cursed with. The worst of its kind if it has any matching evil in its league at all.

Interosculating this trait with the action of the Herders as represented by their association, pontificating on TV even after taking responsibility for committing a heinous crime, that cost the lives of over 60 people recently in Benue, including a pregnant woman and her unborn child, you will see how dangerous identity politics can be to human psyche.

We must also take cognizance of the fact that loyalty to personal interest (as demonstrated in the last administration that ended in 2015 by politicians in office) is equivalent to identification with the archetypal political hero- the “Messiah” – as driven by group pressure which decreases the unbearable motivational valence of the unknown. Furthermore, it provides the individual with a standpoint that simultaneously transcends and maintains the group identity (See the BMC/Buharists/Jonathanians and their associated traits).

Do we have to be convinced that the Nigerian Eagle’s wings has been clipped in order for a small group of selfish men to feather their own nests? Recognize the political ideological danger involved in this game that has been costing us the lives of our precious fellow citizens. It is deeper than hating people based on their ethnic extraction but borders more on the kind of leaders we elect to rule over us all. We are part of the problem and must take responsibility.

What’s #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG Campaign/Movement all about? 🤔

Distinguished Citizens of Nigeria.

We have registered our strident discontent, displeasure and disappointment in the Police Service, especially as they ludicrously try to defend the indefensible and give steam to their blackmail, intimidation and attempts at silencing the voice of the people.

The Rogue unit – SARS has since become an Extermination squad and extortion syndicate, operating whimsically and capriciously across Nigerian States.

When you have a Police Service that operates without limits, – that which proclaims the rights to arrest, torture and kill anyone, anywhere with no warrants, no trial and no due process.

Chanting with pride:

I will kill you and Nothing will happen

When you have a Police structure that militarizes its Units and grants them the power to operate with impunity within your own borders.

The SARS are working perfectly – Force PRO

The Police arrangement that views you the people as the enemy and treats you as such.

A Police structure that lies, deceives and weaponizes its authority.

A Police Unit that kills thousands of harmless civilians simply because they felt it is a profitable means of livelihood.

When you have a Police that arrests, abducts, intimidates, implicates, incriminates, rapes, tortures, kills, violates the rights of innocent citizens and incarcerates them indefinitely without charges.

When you have a Police structure that supports terrorism enough to turn deaf ears to the incessant attacks of the populace by their lawless men for no just cause. Then we shouldn’t need to be convinced that it is time to act proactively to protect the future of our children.

In the spirit of understanding, let me continue to clarify for our @PoliceNG & the general public. We are not asking for the Police to be disbanded, we are asking for a shut down of a demonstrably criminal network within the Police structure and a general Police reform.

There is no doubt that the excesses of the Police (brutality and corruption) are undeniably entrenched in the structure due to age-long neglect and the Call for reform has been due for a very long time across our security agencies and government parastatals.

The wake up call is to put a premium on the lives of the future of Nigeria (our youths) who are the target of the menace.

Authorities should see this as a Call to focus on narrowing the gaps between the public and the police, which has created a lot of distrust.

Our authorities should take responsibility and look into those institutional gaps that make it possible for some police personnel to act beyond what the law permits.

The unprofessional attitude of the police is deep and has existed over a long period.

We can all agree that this has been made worse by the lack of appropriate recruitment policy, which is subject to abuse by almost everybody.

As such we end up recruiting persons of questionable characters due to lack of proper vetting.

Every Senator or Rep, every Oba, Chief or Emir, every businessman or woman etc want favors for their “candidates”.

Likewise, we fail to provide appropriate training inline with career progression. These are some of the issues we must tackle if we must move forward. There are No sentiments.

We recall upon assumption of office of the honorable minister of interior, closing the gap between the Police institution and the public was his initial focus but there are some constitutional amendments required to grant his effectiveness in engaging. The Bureau Of public service reforms tried to harmonize these incongruence but their recommendations never saw the light of day. The Police Service is a Law unto itself.

This is not an attack on institutions but a citizens action on systemic rot. It is not just SARS, we’re only using the overwhelming manifestation of impunity within the Police structure as a means of conveying an age-long issue bordering on oppression of the citizenry.

#EndSARS is NOT just a one-off event against SARS, or only a call for Police Reform, it also speaks to impunity of FRSC, as well as all uniformed and un-uniformed agencies and parastatals in Govt. (Politicians using sirens and escorts to oppress and harass commuters etc).

We are calling the attention of our Government to put a premium on the lives of our citizens across Nigeria. We are asking for a conscious system overhaul that has suffered neglect over the years and buried under political rhetorics.

The issue is beyond protests. We have a voice and we control the socialmedia space, even if we are irrelevant in the political space as systemically disenfranchised. We are using our United voices to demand that Govt pay attention to Critical issues that is decimating our people.

We understand that disbanding the police is not an option and that is not what this call is about, because certainly there will be no vacuum because criminals will take over the space.

But the authorities MUST identify the bad eggs & deal with them accordingly, while encouraging those who are good & professional with regards to Police impunity & corruption. Accept the assurances of our regards and best wishes as we await a proper response on the issues raised.

The ideological Movement will continue to stand in the gap to protect the lives of Nigerians and collect data on impunity of all kinds especially on the activities of Police and SARS. We will deploy technologies that will monitor this and flood the media space with our findings.

The Call also emphasizes the security lapses in the country while Police are distracted. This is our common goal void of politics, ethnic and religious bigotry. We owe this to our children who must not wear the chains of slavery and oppression. #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG

– Segun Awosanya (@segalink) Convener

The Leadership of Change?


For those heaving a sigh of relief that this notorious revealer cum awakener has been quiet for a bit on salient issues, especially with an opportunity to pound the already dead Horse of deceit in leadership (Of Nigeria)…please don’t think your supplications in that regard will ever be accepted by the most high. 

We the people will surely overcome these great sorrow and travails as a consequence of the choice we were deemed to have made in opting for a nebulous change. 

It is lucidly clear now to us all that lofty campaign promises, draconian campaign propaganda, insane criticisms, phantom egregious and lugubrious missing funds claims do not necessarily translate to good governance should the perpetrators be given an opportunity to govern. 

Death toll is on the rise, owing to increasing security challenges, the economy is in shambles and our country is scheduled to be delisted from financial relevance amongst committee of Nations, amongst other politically motivated plagues. I say this not because I want to bicker or blame, but these two areas were the specific reasons why we bought into the Change rhetoric. Many of us are disappointed while some of us are still hopeful. 

I use the word leadership for lack of a better word and it must not be taken literarily as we have as a Nation been plagued by the dearth of effective leadership for decades. 

Let us examine (prove or test) the following; Leadership is not a technique but an attitude stemming from beliefs. One would wonder why people after so many experiences don’t change…it is mostly due to attitudinal recklessness or crisis. The ideas and convictions of our political leaders if X-rayed will reveal the source of most of our National crisis. 

Our beliefs will forever trump our education thus attitudes supersede aptitude. We can see how our PhD holders still think like slaves and are used as puppets by political ventriloquists while drop outs are making disruptive changes in the business sector. Education is not the same as revelation. Our dominion as given by God is not to oppress one another but to dominate our area of gifting for the betterment of our society. 

Acquiring information is not the same as understanding or comprehension. But in our country we applaud educated scammers who have sharp cognitive skills but lack impartation skills or the passion to apply themselves for the purpose of benefitting their society. 

We are a narcissistic people and our societal value system can only produce egocentric tyrants who can hardly govern but rule the ignorant populace whose political will has been subdued through division. This administration had a better chance of succeeding if only the leadership chose to hire his weaknesses but instead he chose to reward his political co-travelers of investors through Cronyism at the expense of Nigeria. 

It is sad today to note that a lot has changed. A good education can no longer guarantee success. A good education may present you an opportunity but never influence. How can you then lead when you can not influence others? Influence is what a leader is respected for and can bring forth benefits to the people he leads. Asides from unsubstantiated rhetorics what can we say is worthy of respect in the attitudes of our leaders?

Two critical elements must be examined in any true leader of repute; One is Manifestation and the other is Movement. May I at this point ask you my people what has manifested of recent as promised or speculated? Can we say our leaders have discovered themselves in the scheme of governance? Asides from the pussy Cat being sold as a Lion, with every “Meow” portrayed as a “Roar” how is that working in reality by those truly affected by the deceit? Is there a Vision or we are just hoping for a favorable accident? 

The other critical element is Movement. Every true leader moves the people from the present to a place of vision without succumbing to limitations or making excuses. Are we moving? Is there any sign that we hope to shift from the thinking of 1983? 

True leaders build culture and promote unity in diversity, they don’t maintain status quo or stagnated by old thinking but acts progressively. 

We must not blame anyone for our crisis as they come to make us innovate and move especially when we have been on a spot for too long. Rather than criticize the crisis let us examine and study it…there’s a favorable outcome for us citizenry should the government remain tacit. 

Leaders are born out of crisis Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X etc…this current crisis is forging new breeds that will be the vehicle for our true deliverance as a people. Let us rejoice even as we experience the consequences of our choice. 

If there be true leaders amongst us, it is not time to blame or bicker but a time to renew our minds, innovate and contribute for the betterment of our people regardless of our differences. 
There’s a reason why God gave us weaknesses, it is for collaboration, there will always be people who are strong where you are weak however high you might be on the societal pedestal, the funny thing is that those strengths are not embedded in folks you know, like or at your level. To move forward we must first humble ourselves. #WeTriumphStill

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